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Pre-Blended and Blended

Being an independent company gives us an opportunity to do the best for our blends and, most of all, for our customers and their needs.

Our company uses facilities in Italy as an established Traditional supplier of EU Tobacco and International dealer, with rented ware-house and converting factory as well as our own.

To maintain the same taste is only possible through the care and skillful blending of an expert by mixing subsequent varieties, grades and crops to recreate the same constant taste, flavour, style and flair in the requested way that our chief blender will accomplish through his experience and our ample stocks.  

Quality and taste of our blends come from our experience to satisfy customers’ requirements and the attention to detail we can guarantee in every single process of the production, always keeping in mind market trends.

Our master blender is internationally recognized for his value and experience in the world of tobacco and will prepare the required blends taking in consideration the required price range, style, aroma and taste as well as the filling power to meet the customers price goal and quality standards.

Pre-blended strips are complete blends without additives at 13% moisture, packet in C 48 cartons of 160/200 N.Kg.

Blended strips are blends with casing and top flavour at 18/22% moisture, packed in C48 with Polypropelene inner lining of 120/140 N.Kg.


variety of blends

The variety of blends we offer comprises: for all format types of cigarettes, make your own, roll your own, fine-cut, pipe tobacco and for tobacco for shisha.

Our expert blending department can propose or if requested develop any type or style of blend you might require as: American blend type or English, European and Latino style as well as the new fruity or exotic flavored blend or if necessary even a standard blend.  

Terms of supply:


We can supply any blend every year with unchanged taste and guarantee this continuity of stable blend taste through the years. Our large stocks, we can rely on, guarantee you our continuity. We deliver programmed just in time deliveries as requested.

We competitively price our Blends by full truck loads (12.960 N.Kg) with discounts for committing long-term purchases. Initially we are willing to supply a trial lot of 5.000 Kgs approximately.

Interested parties are invited to visit us in our head office and show room in Rome and in our processing plants.