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Among all tobacco products, our company is proud to offer to our customers a wide range of side-products.

Our tobacco expertise that follows the market trends in formulating and producing tobacco blends in various forms as well as ongoing maintenance of successful blends teamed up with an organic chemical company with its accredited laboratory and high quality production plant allows us to extract and purify from tobacco and others its aromatic and nicotine constituents for e-liquids and vapour production according to EU TPD standards.

With our laboratory, aimed at creating natural products especially developed for the tobacco industry, our company is able to produce high quality liquids for all purpose such as:


In our laboratory we create all kind of additives necessary to the tobacco production process, leading to harmonize the blend such as standard and tailor made casing blends and a wide variety of top flavour aroma

Casing and topping are different approaches to adding a flavour to the blends. Casing is more subtle and is basically the way to make minor adjustements to the blend and prevent mold, meanwhile, topping is a more prominent and noticeable way to add flavour and aroma to the blend.


Thanks to our innovative techniques, we manufacture as well vaping products.

Our products are naturally obtained by cold extraction from premium and carefully selected tobacco leaf, bringing to life hi-quality concentrated flavours and ready to use e-liquids. 

Our value added products are in the international retail market and we are, actually, present with them in 56 countries.

Interested parties are invited to visit us in our head office and show room in Rome and in our processing plants.