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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an english style blend?

English style Blend is a mixture of different grades of various tobacco cultivars dried in the appropriate way. 

What differs this blend from the American Blend today is the higher % of flu-cured Virginia and less light-air cured.

What is an american blend?

American Blend, is a mixture of different grades of various tobacco cultivars dried in the appropriate way. 

Mainly flu-cured virginia, light-air cured and sun-cured Oriental (so called Turkish tobacco). In some American blends the burley has been toasted. 

All have undergone casing and are prepared in lamina (strips) to be then converted into cut-rag.

What are the others main Blends?

Virginia Blend – contains mainly FCV and Bright

European Blend – similar to American Blend but smoothest

Oriental Blend – is made exclusively with Oriental and Semi-oriental tobacco

Halfzware – is a blend of kentucky tobacco and dark-air cured 

Others mainly local trends

Can we produce upon customers requirements?

Our Company is proud to offer almost all the tobacco products on customer’s requests. 

Thanks to our knowledge and network of relations we are able to provide customized solutions for all kinds of requests, taking into account reference market, products placing into the market and providing any kind of consultancy.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Our range of minimum order quantity (moq) may vary according to the type of product you will order from us:

Blend = moq 13.000 Kg

Cut-Rag = moq 20.000 Kg  

Leaf = moq 20.000 Kg

Strips = moq 20.000 Kg

Can we match customer’s sample?

Due to our knowledge we can specifically match customer’s samples.

We can rely on a rich network of specialists and a state of the art laboratory which means we can be highly accurate in matching our customer’s samples.

Interested parties are invited to visit us in our head office and show room in Rome and in our processing plants.